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Active holidays

For an active holiday or a just a sportive day

The Costa de Prata is sunny, has beautiful historic places and buildings, but also many possibilities for an active day.

The Atlantic Ocean offers great possibilities for activities on or in the water.  But don't worry, also on land or in the aire you can have a great and sporty day out.

The best country to play golf

Although it all started in the Algarve, you can now find golfcourses all over the country. However, the best and most beautiful courses are at the Silver Coast!

Bom Sucesso (18 holes, par 72)
2510-663 Óbidos

Dolce Campo Real (18 holes, par 72)
Estrada Municipal, 619 - 1/Cadriceira
2565 - 779 Turcifal/Torres Vedras

Royal Óbidos (18 holes, par 72)
Cabeço da Serra, Óbidos
2510-665 - Vau

Praia D'El Rey (18 holes, par 73)
Vale de Janelas
2514-999 Óbidos

West Cliffs (18 holes, par 72)
Vau, Óbidos


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Experience the underwater world of the Costa de Prata

At the Praia Norte hotel, near Peniche, you can find Haliotis. They offer you diving lessons, or a diving trip to the Berlenga islands.

Go karting

Do you want to do some laps on the track, and relax on the beach after that? That’s also possible at the Costa de Prata!

There is an outdoor track near Lourinhã (DinoKart), Bombarral (Kiro), Batalha (EuroIndy), and Leiria (KartLeiria).
In Caldas da Rainha there is an indoor track (IKCR).

Water fun for the whole family!

At the Costa de Prata you are never far from the sea if you want to swim. But a water park is of course also a great day out, especially for the kids.

There are 'Parques Aquáticos' in Peniche, Vieira de Leiria, and at the exit of the Grutas Mira d'Aire in the Serra de Aire e de Candeeiros.