Picturesque fortified town continues to fascinate

West of Caldas da Rainha, is the town of Óbidos. Óbidos is a fortified town located on top of a hill, and still encircled by high walls. Once the town was surrounded by sea, so it was of strategic importance, which explains the high location and high walls.
Dom Dinis gave the town of Óbidos to his wife Isabela as a wedding gift. Together they spent their honeymoon in Óbidos. For ages Óbidos was the wedding gift for every new Portuguese queen.

The whole of the town of Óbidos is declared as a monument. It has many streets, alleys, squares, white houses, shops, and restaurants. The walls are still completely intact, so you can walk all around the village.

Just before the entrance you can find the Tourism office, here you can get your own copy of the Óbidos map and lots of other information.

The Castelo

The Castelo is very old. During the earthquake of 1755 it was heavily damaged. In the 20th century the ruins were reconstructed. After te reconstruction the castle became Portugal’s first poussada in a historic building. Unfortunately it is not open for the public, only for hotel guests.


The museums of Óbidos are all worth a visit:

  • Museu Municipal: exhibition of paintings by Josefa de Óbidos, André Reinoso, but also work of other artists
  • Parish museum: in the São João Baptista church
  • Museu Abílio de Mattos e Silva (1908-1985): exhibition on life and work by this painter

Óbidos has a large number of churches for such a small town: Igreja de São João Baptista, Igreja de São Pedro, Capela de São Martinho, Igreja da Misericórdia, Igreja de Santa Maria, Igreja de Santiago, and Igreja da Nossa Senhora de Cormo. They are all open to the public.

Every year Óbidos hosts several activities, like the Chocolate Festival, the medieval market, and the christmas village.

The aqueduct of Óbidos starts near the parking area. The construction started in the 16th century, in the nearby village of Usseira. The length of the aqueduct is about 3 kilometres.

On the road from Óbidos to Caldas da Rainha you see the Santuario Senhora da Pedra, an 18th century hexagonal structure. This is one of the best baroque buildings in Portugal.