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Wine and Liqueur

Wine and Liqueur

The Costa de Prata is part of the Estremedura, which is wellknown for its vast vineyards. Another main crop is fruit. Combined with centuries-old craftsmanship this results in delicious wine and liqueur.

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Portuguese kitchen

Portuguese kitchen

Simple, honest and tasteful

The Portuguese kitchen has simple and honest dishes. The ingredients are home-grown seasonal products: many varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Every region in Portugal has its own specialities.

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Best restaurants

Best restaurants

There is no arguing about matters of taste

Portuguese, Italian, French, luxurious or budget... This region has a a lot of restaurants to choose from. We have selected a few that we can recommend.

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Some nice and very good restaurants: from pizza to a culinary night out

Close to the monastry of Batlha you find several Pastelarias where you can have a coffee and enjoy the Portuguese 'doces', but they are also a good place for soup, a hamburger or a sandwich.

In the restaurants you order the Prato do Dia. Usually this comes with a drink, all for a very reasonable price.

Batalha has many restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal. There are typical Portuguese 'tavernas', like A Cave and Dom Duarte, and traditional restaurants like Perola do Fetal and O Burro Velho. For a pizza you go to Pap 'Oliva.

But for those who really would like a night out, restaurant Vintage is highly recommended. Very good food and presentation, and they can recommend the appropriate wine to accompany your dish. And do not worry .......... also in this restaurant a bottle of excellent wine comes at a very reasonable price.


Eating at- and from the sea

It will be no surprise that in the coastal areas, so also at the Costa de Prata, fish and shellfish dominate the menu. Don't forget to try some of the many different dishes with fresh grilled fish or seafood.

Ricedishes with seafood or fish are also an excellent choice. Bacalhau, which is salted and dried cod, is eaten in enormous amounts in Portugal. It is said that there are at least 365 different recipes for bacalhau, one for every day of the year.

Portuguese people really have a sweet tooth. So there's always room for a lovely sweet dessert, very often with ingredients like almonds, honey and egg yolks. Why not wash that down with a nice glass of Port or Madeira, a great combination.

For every dish there is a matching wine; wine is produced throughout the country. Port wine is certainly the most famous, but the wines from other Portuguese regions, such as Extremadura, Alentejo, and Dão, are highly commendable. And of course the locally produced olives, sausage and cheese taste are excellent companions.

The pasteis de nata, typical Portuguese pastries, are famous all over the world. The most famous are made in Belém in Lisbon. A stay in Portugal without at least once having coffee with a pastel de nata is actually not possible.

Restaurant with panoramic view over Nazaré and the sea.

Fresh fish as well as good meat dishes, served in a beautiful restaurant on a great location.
The restaurant's speciality is octopus, there are several lovely starters and main courses with octopus on the menu.

A traditional Portuguese restaurant, with large open fire for cooking the meat.

The restaurant is very well known with Portuguese people.

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