Costa de Prata

In central Portugal are a number of rivers which are not only look beautiful but where you also can go kayaking.

Zêzere River is one of the finest in the region. The crystal clear waters and strong flows make this descent one of the most popular. The flow is from the higher dam in Castelo do Bode. Tejo (or Tagus) is the largest Portuguese river and has little flow, is generally quiet and accessible to everyone. So go Paddling!

The Nabão river is less known, but no less interesting. It is a small, winding river with a greater diversity of flora and fauna. This river is because of the strong flow only navigable by kayak between March and June.

Kayaking on the rivers is one of the sporting activities in the area and worth doing it. Besides being active, you again enjoy the beautiful surroundings with views from the water.

Last September we went there with family out on a nice trip. You have a choice of different lengths and difficulty levels. We obtained for a journey of 10 kilometers, part of the Zêzere and partly on the Tejo. The start is at Constancia Barquinha ou Chamusca, east of Tomar. First we got a short instruction by owner / instructor Pedro how to kayak, because not everyone is experienced, for some of us it is even the first time. All equipped with a life jacket and drinking water we go on our way. " With two persons in the kayak and start paddling . Halfway inserted a break, which the crew of my kayak could use. We remained the most sluggish team, but with the most fun, and then again I do not see every day the family, so also a great opportunity now and then to catch up. But then again it hits our rhythm and get disrupted. We enjoy the break with apples and biscuits for some new energy and great views of the Castelo de Almoural.

On arrival at the end everyone helps each other on shore, including kayak. With a van we were brought back to the starting point where our cars are. The advantage is that you can hand over valuables to the organization and you do not have to leave it in the car or take it in the kayak. Not even a camera, because the instructor goes along as a guide and he makes during the trip photo’s of the group which you get sent home a day after by email.

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