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pelgrimsroute 03Or the pelgrimage route

Earlier I wrote about the history of the shepherd children and the pilgrims days. Today, more about the various pilgrimage routes running from Portugal to Fatima. For we see every year the pilgrimage in May and October towards Fátima where we live 12 kilometers from.

Last May I took the decision to run itself once , one of the routes. In the Netherlands, I was twice member of the “vierdaagse van Nijmegen” ( 4 x 40km). Very nice to do, but one of the pilgrimage routes here seems to me a great challenge. When I go ... no idea, but who did. My sister and girlfriend Willeke Winter has already indicated that they would like to take the challenge as faithful four-day walker.

Why does the pilgrim goes on pilgrimage?

The 'peregrino' has a destination in mind and a purpose in his heart. During the trip there is usually a sense of self-reflection. There will be (again) space in the mental condition of the pilgrim, the contact with nature and new realities of the country, the people waiting at home for him and encounters with other pilgrims. Of course there are also those 'who are just do it' it for the challenge, as I do.

Rota do Peregrino

For those who are looking on Dutch websites finds a lot about Fatima as pilgrimage. But found little information on the various trails. However, the routes from Lisbon and Porto to Fatima, but the other routes you'll find anywhere back and there are five.

Through Google Portugal there is more information to be found. The most comprehensive website is and is available in over 40 languages ​​and describes all routes. There is also a downloadable app called Caminhos de Fátima nos Telemóveis. Not only the routes can be found here, but also all amenities like a good sleeping place or restaurant.

The routes

Each route has its own colour.

  • The longest route is the purple route with a total length of 335 km and starts in the north of Portugal in Braganca
  • The blue route is the second longest and 264 km long and starts in Viana de Castelo. This route can also be picked up from Porto and is then "only" 194 km long. For both the purple and the blue route counts that the first days more than 20 km per day should be walked. A severe part when you consider that Portugal has a hilly landscape
  • The red route is the route from Lisbon to Fatima. Who chooses this route has the shortest and has 121 km to go
  • The green route starts from Aveiro, also known as Little Venice, and is 128 km long
  • The orange route starts in Castelo Branco and measuring 147 km. In short: which route you choose, you should go for the challenge !!