Costa de Prata

In a previous blog I wrote about a new place that we discovered, but there is still more to discover.

Situated between Torres Novas and Abrantes there is the castle of Almourol, or as the Portuguese saying Castelo de Almourol. It seems to be a fairy tale castle located on an island in the Tagus. The island itself would not be more than a large boulder. Accessible by ferry or on foot when the water is low. Who wants to see the castle inside, choose the ferry because without any ticket no entrance.

According to the story the castle was built in 1171 by Gualdim Pais, the first Grand Master of the Knights Templars in Portugal. Conquerors have never been able to penetrate it, because the Templars knew that a round tower was better to defend than a square tower. The castle is surrounded by nine towers and ramparts. Tomar was the later headquarters of the Knights Templar in Portugal. Still, the round towers of castles from the period after 1100 are a sign of recognition that this is a building of the Knights Templars.

About Almourol castle seems to exist a beautiful knight novel Palmeirim the Inglaterra which tells the story of knights and giants and fights of the crusader Palmeirim for Princess Polinarda. And in the castle would still haunt the ghost of a princess, yearning for the love of her Moorish slave.

This spring we will certainly go. The prince on the white horse I already have, but princess for a day seems to me quite nice.