Costa de Prata

In addition to all culture and beautiful beaches, Central Portugal appears to be a paradise for cyclists

Sister Marian and brother Frans explored this year the area by bike. Of course you need a bit of condition and the right equipment to do fine in this hilly area. As they  say: "A good decision because with a full breakfast there is enough energy to start the journey with confidence." They are experienced bikers, several times they cycled from the Netherlands to southern France, and Germany to Prague. Say, the sports branch of the family.

Own car, your own bike

With a big car it is a beautiful drive from the Netherlands with the advantage that they could bring their own bikes. Flying in the May holidays and take the bike by plane is not more favourable than drive yourself by car from the Netherlands to Portugal. Marian took beside the bike enough supplies on board to cover a week of the journey. But they drive in two days with an overnight stay in Southern France and the hour time difference, they arrive early on Sunday afternoon in our B & B. First coffee, then unload the car and stall the bicycles and then enjoy the sun, sipping wine and especially socializing the rest of the afternoon.

Bike trails

SerraPrior to the trip Frans has sought various routes of different sites every day or every other day to make a nice trip.

In addition to the 292 mileages of mountain bike trail shows the region have many other routes that vary in length and difficulty. Along the coast, by the nature or the pine forests of Leiria. The routes are available through a number of websites and often posted by other cyclists. In addition to the distance of the routes, the experience is shared with cyclists and also great tips about the area, rest areas and restaurants.

Useful sites

Using the links below to find lots of nice routes:

A site for free tickets:

And a program where you can transfer to the free maps routes.

Route 1 Batalha - Leiria

The first day not too long route, over 50 mileage and in the area of ​​Batalha and Leiria. The route is around Leiria, but go on the bikes to the starting point of the route from our B & B is making the trek 10km longer. Along the way some old acquaintances of them ... Media Markt, Leiria Shopping and a McDonalds, but also a lot where the road suddenly ends. After having checked the GPS, they appear to go well, but it paved turns into dirt road and so they had to walk 100 meter with the bike and then go on with their trip again. It is striking that it is nice and quiet to cycle. Where there is low-traffic, the traffic is aware that the cyclists are road users, no problem.

Route 2 Batalha - Alcobaça - Nazaré

A beautiful route of about 80 kilometers with over 1700 climbing moments for connoisseurs probably a familiar term. The portion of Batalha to Alcobaça runs through Porto de Mos and is easy to do, beautiful roads in a green environment.

At the beginning of the second part it is difficult and this is for experienced cyclists. Here are the climb moments and it takes almost an hour for 5 mileage. They have no idea how the rest of the route will go, but it turns out later it is 'flatter' so the mileage per hour soon rise again. A great trip with a stop on the terrace in front of the monastery in Alcobaça. Heavy because of the climb moments, but also a challenge and so more fun, also because the route and area absolutely worth it.

Route 3 Batalha - São Pedro de Moel - Marinha Grande

Ponte BoiticaAlso now there is starting a cycle path from the B & B and cycling it through Ponte Boitica Batalha towards the coast of São Pedro de Moel and to the southerly Nazaré. After Marinha Grande, the route runs through the pine woods where small containers hang from the trees to collect the resin and the delicious smell trees welcome you .

Arrived at the shore of the ocean you could enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the waves smashes on the rocks. From the coast back to Batalha weather for a swim in the pool as the temperature begins to rise on the last day.


Route 4 Batalha - Nature - Porto de Mos

Natuurlijk amfitheaterA hot day but our couples set off. They know it is a climbing part because the day before we visited the natural amphitheatre of the Serra d'Aire e Candeeiros and drove part of the way they have bikes. With filled water bottles they leave in time and returned 4 hours later in the afternoon very satisfied .

Despite a steep part the route had to be abandoned here, again a great route that goes in the Natural park from Porto de Mos. On the route an old windmill, limestone quarries and the famous dry stone walls, as well as the amphitheatre is located on this route. During the way back just a drink on the terrace in Porto de Mos, very well deserved. Marian and French toasted on a beautiful journey and are honoured that the local brass band "for them" gave a concert on the square!


Beginners or experienced

They are really experienced cyclists, but indicate that anyone with good equipment and a little fitness can do fine here in the area with cycling, especially along the coast. The routes do not start from the B & B, but they rode these were added extra. By car, drive to the starting point is also possible.
For us as inexperienced cyclists, good to know when we have a question about getting guests here. French and Marian are here not yet been cycling .... Or I hope so my sister might come along again next year !?

Reply of Frans

The purpose of this holiday was to go cycling to get good condition for the coming season. It proved to be a very good decision. The extensive breakfast gave sufficient energy to begin with trust the bike rides.

Casa Ceedina is centrally located for the various bike tours that we had chosen at home. Near Batalha is it very suitable (and practiced) cyclist to explore the area. We are here to advise and assisted by Cees and Dini who have had their local knowledge which was a valuable contribution to our fantastic cycling tours. After a sports day it was great to be on the terrace by the pool (to cool down) while enjoying a snack and a drink, even a massage was possible.
In short, it is a must for anyone wishing to take cycling tours which are a challenge.