Costa de Prata


Some years ago it was the hype to start a B & B, preferably abroad. Today the trend is continuing. Even tourists and business people now find their way to the B & B or other small-scale accommodation. These accommodations are often preferred by holidaymakers for its personal atmosphere. After three years, we see that more and more guests prefer the small-scale accommodation than a large hotel or holiday parks.

Experience of guests

New small-scale accommodation and parks provide a positive experience. For those who visit a B & B or small holiday park for the first time, it appears to be a surprise. The small scale, the service, hospitality and personal attention are all aspects that they did not count on. In the larger hotels or parks they usually miss it. There often must be paid for the extras which in turn makes it less attractive prices. In small-scale accommodation this is done as a matter of a normal course. Not at least because the owners themselves are also available and easily accessible.

Experience of business people

For two years also businessmen choose frequently for B & B. Certainly an important role for them is the small scale . In the breakfast room of the hotel they are often a little lost with their laptop or IPad. The B & B is the return of the business appointment time for a conversation with the other guests or owners. Sit down at the dinner also, which is more fun than in a restaurant using a meal. There is internet access you can also work. Either in the room, on the terrace or in the common room.

Many accommodations, a lot of competition?

Only in our region of Central Portugal there are more than 900 accommodations. A variation include hotels, residences, apartments and B & Bs. In Emigreermagazine of July 2012 there was an article on Women and Business in Portugal with myself and colleagues Margaret Mertens of B & B Quinta Verde and Iris Franken of Casas Fruta. During this interview, we concluded already that each attracts its own audience. Every holiday has its own preference, but small-scale plays an important role. There is nothing wrong with All Inclusive packages but not for everyone it is a suitable accommodation. Often we encounter guests who have chosen previously for All Inclusive. Now the children are greater or or not joining , they rather opt for small, quiet and comfort.


Today, the Internet is not indispensable. Both youth and adults want internet on holiday address. When selecting the accommodation will be checked not only on the location but also the presence of internet and a swimming pool. The internet for free so in morning guest could read the news headlines for they go off.

If you want to try it yourself, you are welcome at B & B Casa Ceedina or at one of my colleagues here in Portugal.