Costa de Prata

It's been almost three years that we came to live in central Portugal (Costa de Prata). For us, this region was a conscious decision because there is so much to see and do. But after three years we still have not seen everything.

Our neighbour Bob, Englishman of origin, lives with his wife Sue here for over 7 years. He regularly walks along our house with his three dogs. We call the dogs the Three Musketeers because it shows a real team, one for all, all for one. Earlier, the neighbour told us that he regularly went with the dogs to São Pedro de Moel, half an hour from our house. Halfway through the seven kilometer long road you turn to the right towards Ponta Nova. We of course had already seen this sign a several times, but never went that road. So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon where we wanted to combine sportiness with pleasure, we took our running shoes and headed for Ponta Nova.

And it's really great. A wonderful beautiful forest where you can drive or walk through. When you completely ends the way, you arrive at the beach with a small beach bar where you can eat or drink